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Value Proposition Survey

Value Proposition Survey

Are you a nanotechnology expert? Then we want to hear from you!

Please complete our Value Proposition Survey to help us shape the NanoFabNet into a community of your needs and wishes.

This 5-10 minute survey will enable us to address issues and develop products and services that will be relevant, valuable and impacting to the nanotechnology field.

Validation Survey

Validation, Harmonisation and Standardisation Feedback Survey

We are seeking nanotechnology experts to give us their opinions and help shape the sector

Within the nanotechnology sector, things are progressing quickly. It is therefore essential that the field is founded in strong and secure processes, especially for the validation of technology, harmonisation across developments and a suitable standardisation framework that can ensure trustworthy outcomes.

We therefore need your feedback on how these areas should be developed and how we at NanoFabNet can help align these measures moving forwards. 

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Join our stakeholder community!

NanoFabNet is actively looking for stakeholders from all nanotechnology areas who want to contribute and share their expertise in our wide network.

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