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International Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting & Innovat&Match Brokerage Event

International Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting & Innovat&Match Brokerage Event take part in virtual bilateral business & tech meetings at R2B Research to Business 2021. The event, now in its second online edition, focuses on 3 main topics: Digital Transformation, Green & Blue Growth, Arts and Culture Resilience

NANO Intellects 2021

Berlin Berlin

NANO Intellects 2021 brings together a rich diversity of scientists from various universities and industries to share ideas and new perspectives on a wide range of topics related to Nanoscience, Material Science, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. For leaders from around the world to know about the innovations in nanotechnology, nanoscience, material science, biotechnology, nanomedicine and many more, this is your best opportunity to reach the world's largest assembly of participants. This conference is characterized by world-renowned speakers with latest techniques, tools, and the state-of-the-art updates in the fields of nanotechnology, nanoscience, medicine and materials science. NANO Intellects 2021 is an exciting opportunity to present the company's new technologies, new products and/or services to a wide international audience.