The NanoFabNet Hub has launched!


It is always a satisfying feeling to see hard work and effort come to fruition, and this was exactly the experience of the NanoFabNet project partners upon launching the NanoFabNet Hub at the beginning of July. After two and a half years of researching, discussing, forming, planning, and building, the culmination of the NanoFabNet project has become a reality, centralised around the new digital platform, which was introduced to a community of stakeholders online and in-person during the Joint Networking Conference of NanoFabNet and sister project, SUSNANOFAB.

Steffi Friedrichs introduces the new NanoFabNet digital platform

The launch event was hosted at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratories in Braga, Portugal, an international centre for nanotechnology research and development, and therefore a fitting venue for such an occasion. This wider conference brought together global stakeholders to exchange about the current status and future developments of sustainability within the nano- and microtechnology sector, with speakers including NanoFabNet partner-representatives Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST), who introduced us to the NanoFabNet goals and aims, Georges Favre (LNE), presenting aspects of metrology and standardisation to support sustainable nanofabrication, and Clarissa Marquardt (KIT IAI), who discussed science communication and research infrastructures in nanotechnology. Other formative sessions were also delivered by Jürgen Tiedje (DG RTD, European Commission), Karin Wiench (BASF), Fernando De La Vega (PV NanoCell) and Michel de Labachelerie (EuroNanoLab), to name but a few! Each session brought us closer to the understanding of the meaning and requirements for sustainability within this quickly evolving sector, as well as the importance of collaborative working to support ongoing developments. Safety, sustainability, digitalisation, and regulation, whilst each requiring development within their individual fields, also calls for joint communication and community building to enhance their progression. It is with this ethos in mind, that the NanoFabNet Hub has been created.

Faith Blakemore and Clarissa Marquardt presents the various services and benefits of the new Hub

It was therefore timely and necessary to launch the NanoFabNet Hub during this event, highlighting the features and benefits that the Hub offers, based firmly in its main strength, which is the capacity to bring together the global community as a central point for the exchange of information, knowledge, skills, and services. As a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution, the Hub, which supports international accessibility through the digitalisation of the Hub actions, enables all member organisations to access peer, partner and support organisation information, reports, research outcomes and business support services, which will help bolster business development, co-collaboration, and communication for actors.

At present, the NanoFabNet Hub is gathering expressions of interest for joining the Hub as a member, which will open at the beginning of September. In the meantime, stakeholders can explore the new Hub and learn about the upcoming services available to paying members. To register your interest in joining the Hub, simply go to the Get Involved page of the Hub and add your email address. As soon as membership is opened, you will be informed and invited to set up an account. This account will provide members with full access to the knowledge and insights collated in the Hub, as well as preferential services. The vision for the Hub, is to bring together and support the integration of stakeholders into a global community, where continued engagement and collaboration will achieve increasing value and impact.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hub!

Faith Blakemore, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum.

Braga, Portugal, 5-7 July 2022